Diana Lubbers Photography | Moraira, Spain Family Photos (Rotterdam, The Netherlands Family Photographer)

Moraira, Spain Family Photos (Rotterdam, The Netherlands Family Photographer)

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FAMILY // The Wansinck's

Sabrina and Jeroen are very dear to us. Jeroen and Joris, my husband, have been friends for nearly twenty years! We visited them in Spain, Moraira to be exact, this summer. I took it as an opportunity to capture their family. I mean, the backdrops are unreal, the weather is outstanding and they were so excited when I asked if they were up for me to create images with them. 

Sabrina is from Cleveland, Ohio and Jeroen is from Noorden, The Netherlands. They met six years ago while working for a major cruise line. Sabrina worked in The Entertainment Department and Jeroen worked in the Technical Department as an engineer. They went out for the first time, off the ship, in Goa, and had their first date in Yokohama. Jeroen flew to Cleveland, to meet Sabrina's family, and that is when she knew he was serious! They parted ways and headed to separate ships. Ship relationships can be challenging. You can be separated for months at a time and it truly tests your relationship. Sabrina and Jeroen faced that and following 4.5 months of separation, they reunited in London. 

They explored the world and list ports in Hawaii and Spain as their favorites. They fell, even more, in love, Sabrina met Jeroen's family and they began their journey as a couple with big dreams. While the ship was in Moorea, French Polynesia, and Sabrina was pregnant with their son, Jeroen proposed, on the beach, with a gorgeous black pearl ring. Unique. Stunning. Perfect. And very much Sabrina! 

Sabrina, of course, stopped sailing and moved to Miami and following that their gorgeous son arrived. They expanded their family and welcomed a beautiful little girl into this crazy world! They moved to Cleveland, following the arrival of their daughter, to be closer to Sabrina's family. Sabrina and Jeroen shared a particular dream and that dream was to move to Spain. I remember a particular post Sabrina shared on Facebook about "wanting to raise their children so they could walk, barefoot, in a garden of a house with white walls, rounded archways, with blue and white tiling on everything." Well, they turned their dream into a reality. After careful planning, and following their wedding in Cleveland, they took a chance and moved to Spain! I admire them so much for packing up their belongings, their kids and making it happen. Sabrina speaks Spanish which made the transition a bit easier for them. Their family jumped in, made a great group of friends, their kids go to a Spanish school and after two years they are set and loving their Spanish life! Sun, sand, sea...bliss! 

Sabrina and Jeroen, thank you for opening up your home to us and taking care of me and my family. You have hearts of gold and you are more then friends to us, you are our family. I had such a great time with you all. Enjoy! 

I absolutely love this and the little hop in big brothers step! 




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