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Orange Chocolate Truffle Cake Bluebird Rotterdam I sat down at the beginning of January and wrote down personal and professional goals for 2017. I am slightly ashamed to admit that this is my first time writing it down on paper! It felt good and I feel, for me at least, it is necessary to stay on track. One of the professional goals is to step outside of my comfort zone and really stretch my cameras muscles and push myself further. Well, this is very new for me and I really tossed myself outside of my comfort zone here!

I connected with Catherine, thanks Facebook mommy groups haha, and we began chatting. Catherine is an AMAZING baker and the owner of Bluebird Rotterdam. Once you scroll down and see her beautiful creations, and if you have the chance to taste them DO IT, you will see what I mean. Her cakes are beyond stunning and delicious. So so delicious! The granola is the best I have EVER had...EVER! 

Catherine and I immediately hit it off and after some serious planning, our hubbies both travel for work so planning was tight, we hammered down a date to create images of her cake art for her website, which will be launching soon, and her marketing! Catherine is originally from Montreal, us Canadians tend to flock together when we live abroad haha, and has lived in Rotterdam for 10 years. She relocated to The Netherlands after meeting her, now, husband while they were both in Costa Rica! LOVE! She, like me, didn't know what she wanted to do after having kids and turned to baking. She started with cupcakes and got a little bored with that and wanted to create further so she kicked it up a few notches and began making the most beautiful cakes. Her cakes are a huge hit here, along with her granola, and can be found at some very popular places in Rotterdam: Ver Van Hier, Stielman Koffiebranders in the Fenix Food Factory and Bio Bodega. Catherine also takes personal orders for: birthdays, events, weddings and so on! She also works closely with Josie from Empire Island Teas creating cakes such as her 'Chai Latte Cake' where the Chai Tea is the star of the show! 

Catherine, I had the BEST time creating with you! You were an absolute delight to work with and I hope we get a chance to in the future :) Enjoy xx

Chai Latte CakeBluebird Rotterdam Chai Latte Cake 

Chai Latte Cake Bluebird Rotterdam Brown Butter Maple Granola (refined sugar-free)Bluebird Rotterdam Brown Butter Maple Granola (refined - sugar free) 

Peanut Butter, Cacao Nib and Dark Chocolate Granola (vegan)Bluebird Rotterdam Peanut Butter Cacao Nib and Dark Chocolate Granola (vegan)

Peanut Butter Cacao Nib and Dark Chocolate Granola (vegan)Bluebird Rotterdam Red Velvet Cake Bluebird Rotterdam

Red Velvet Cake  Red Velvet Cake Bluebird Rotterdam

Bluebird RotterdamBluebird Rotterdam

The Talented Catherine Gagnon

Matcha Chocolate CakeBluebird Rotterdam Matcha Chocolate Cake 

Orange Chocolate Truffle Bluebird Rotterdam

Orange Chocolate Truffle 

Orange Chocolate Truffle Bluebird Rotterdam

Hummingbird Cake 


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